Hannah Bast, University of FreiburgFabien Gandon, Université Côte d’Azur, InriaVanessa López, IBM Research Europe
Hannah Bast Fabien Gandon Vanessa López
The QLever SPARQL engine (tentative). A shift in our research focus: from knowledge acquisition to knowledge augmentation. Vanessa title
Abstract: abstract Hannah Abstract: While EKAW started in 1987 as the European Knowledge Acquisition Workshop, in 2000 it transformed into a conference where we advance knowledge engineering and modelling in general. At the time, this transition also echoed shifts of focus such as moving from the paradigm of expert systems to the more encompassing one of knowledge-based systems. Nowadays, with the current strong interest for knowledge graphs, it is important again to reaffirm that our ultimate goal is not the acquisition of bigger siloed knowledge bases but to support knowledge requisition by and for all kinds of intelligence. Knowledge without intelligence is a highly perishable resource. Intelligence without knowledge is doomed to stagnation. We will defend that intelligence and knowledge, and their evolutions, have to be considered jointly and that the Web is providing a social hypermedia to link them in all their forms. Using examples from several projects, we will suggest that, just like intelligence augmentation and amplification insist on putting humans at the center of the design of artificial intelligence methods, we should think in terms of knowledge augmentation and amplification and we should design a knowledge web to be an enabler of the futures we want. Abstract: abstract Vanessa